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    If anyone needs to talk about anything, I’m here!
    Stay strong

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    Here’s to the boys who self harm…

    To the boys with quiet lips, and screaming minds. To the boys who think a razor blade will help. To the boys who are depressed, anorexic, suicidal, have anxiety or schizophrenia. To the boys who’ve never found the girl/boy of their dreams; or have, only they aren’t theirs. 
    And yeah, girls self harm, and yes it’s all very sad when anyone does, but boys never get as much as they deserve. The poems all say ‘she’, and the girls always get the sympathy. Boys are called ‘weak’, and ‘gay’ for crying, or harming themselves. 

    So here’s to you, yes you, the boy with the shy smile, and scarred wrists with no hope.

    They seriously fucking gorgeous.

    Heres to them <3

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    I wonder if any of the students dicking around in class realise that some of their teachers are barely coping with the pressure the local authorities put on them to meet impossible targets?

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    i cant imagine someone ever looking at me and getting butterflies that just doesnt happen

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